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We offer the following services.


We can create a wordpress website for you and cater it to your specific needs. Then we can improve your workflow by writting php plugins to automate sending onboarding emails, license codes, sales promotions etc.

Responsive Web Design

Do you need a simple static website that uses just html, css, bootstrap, javascript and jquery. We have created many responsive websites using those simple techniques.

iOS and Android

Do you need an app for the mobile space? We use flutter to create cross platform apps to leverage your development costs.

Full Stack

Do you need a complete website solution with front end and back end components. We do full stack development including single page frontends using react or angular as well as APIs, mySQL and mongoDB databases for your particular application.

Amazon Web Services

We are currently working on getting an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification. If you need assitance getting your website on the cloud we can be of assitance.

Agile software development

We are currently working on tools to make Agile simpler for small companies. We believe Agile can be done smarter and use agile tools like myAgileStory to plan our own projects. Check out myAgileStory.com today.


Here are some of the things we have developed and are developing.

Embroidery Ware

Windows application: .NET

Heater Calc

Static Web App: html5, css3, javascript, bootstrap

Weather Many

iOS app: Swift

My Agile Story

Full stack web app: node.js, mongoDB, express, javascript

My Agile Story

Android / iOS app: Flutter


Full stack web app: react, serverless, AWS api gateway, lamda, dynamoDB


Full stack web app: react, serverless, congnito, AWS api gateway, lamda, dynamoDB


Full stack web app: angular, serverless, congnito, AWS api gateway, lamda, Aurora MySql

Our Websites

Website Design


The following is a timeline of our young company.

  • 2015-2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    My first product, EmbroideryWare, was created in my spare time on nights and weekends. I found that most embroidery digitizing programs were to expensive and I wanted to create a cheaper alternative. It took six months and became a popular free download.

  • June 2016

    A Company is Born

    EmbroideryWare went commercial on June 22nd 2016. Soon after JimmySoft LLC was formed. The company grew slowly at first until a facebook user group was created. The facebook group propelled it to what it is today.

  • 2016 to 2019

    Evolving the offering

    Maintaining a software company took a lot of work. Software releases were created using Agile methods and came out about once a month, plus the website had to be updated and maintained. The front end did what it need to do, but the backend needed some automation to eliminate manual tasks. Code was written to send out license codes and promotional emails based on customer triggers. Now the website does order processing and customer onboarding tasks automatically.

  • Evolving my skills

    During my career in biotech I have written many programs in .NET for scientific research and product manufacturing. After I started my own software company I realized I love creating software products and websites more than anything else. So in May of 2019 I resigned from my project manager job to study the latest full stack technologies. I will applying what I learned to interesting projects for JimmySoftLLC. Building the business and myself. Once complete I will apply for jobs in the software industry.

  • 2020

    Passion to Profession

    I have landed my first full stack engineer job in the software industry. I spent the last year learning and creating interesting products. It has been a fun and sometimes difficult journey. As they say persistance finally pays off. I have landed a job that will help the public sector modernize their systems. I am up for the challenge. My buisiness JimmySoftLLC will continue on the side but my main focus will be on my new job. EmbroideryWare is fully developed and still doing well. So development will continue with that when I have time. My other ventures, myAgileStory, WeatherMany and iWantToDine will stay in MVP status for now.

  • April 2023

    A second company is born

    I love O scale trains and started rebuilding my layout in 2023. During this time I stared playing around with a raspberry pi pico w to enhance my layout control. Then I discovered I could control servo motors and play sound. This led to my first product, the animator-feller, which cuts down a tree. It has been so successful that I stared new company JimmyTrains in April 2023. Since then many new animations have been created and having a blast!


  • Blog

    I am writing a blog called, My Software Journey. Hopefully by telling my story I can help others. It is full of recommendations, tech insights, videos, successes and failures.


Meet the Founder

Jim Bailey

Founder, Full Stack and App Developer

Founder and developer for JimmySoft LLC, Full stack developer, project manager, and mechanical engineer with 30 years’ experience in product development. Strong background in, software development, new product development from concept to release, and mechanical engineering.

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